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Patch notes 2014-05-20

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Posted 20 May 2014 - 06:08 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2014-05-20):

New features
Special Missions
• There is a new special mission available for all players from level 150. It's going to be extra terrestrial.

• From level 200 on its all about wild animals, vast savanna, deep jungle... We're going to australia.

Surprise Box
• Occasionally you can now find a surprise box in the shop.
• A surprise box can contain sidekicks, set items, rare or epic items.
• You can only see the content of a surprise box after buying it and opening it in your inventory.

Heroic Deeds
• There are several new heroic deeds for the new features.
• Also some existing heroic deeds got new stages.

• Sidekicks can now learn unlocked abilities from another sidekick. For that you have to select your active sidekick in the sidekick window and click on the "Learn new sidekick skill" button
• The sidekick which gives away his ability will leave you afterwards.
• The sidekick which receives the ability will be reset to level 1. His base stats will be adjusted to the current player level.

• There are new team logos available.

Character customization
• There are new options available to customize the look of your character

Friends List
• Up until now the pictures of the heroes in your friends list were only updated on login. Now they will also be updated if the look of the hero changes.

Gang fights
• Sometimes the rewards for gang fights were calculated incorrectly. This has been fixed.

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