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Garage Interview #2 TuanWijaya

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 04:29 PM

Welcome back to the Garage!


For this month's Garage Interview we're talking to TuanWijaya,

who was one of the winners in our recent Valentine's Day forum contest.


TuanWijaya's winning entry

Link: http://forum.ap.hero...?p=276#entry276




Hi, how are you? Can you give us your username and the servers where you play?

I'm fine thank you.  My Username is TuanWijaya and I play on Asia Pasific Server (AP1)


Do you want to talk a little bit about yourself, about the life when you are not working as a hero? 

I'm a coating advisor


When did you start to play Hero Zero?

August 17, 2014 in AP1


What do you like the most in the game?

Doing missions


Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?



In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement in HZ so far?

My greatest achievement was Top 3 in Experience Tournament


Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of friendship with another player(s)?

Yes! SUPARMAN - Deathlord - RedDevils. They are my teammates in Freezinghell.


In your opinion who are the best 3 players on the server (exclusively based on their ability as players, not their personality etc.)

IOoRifaioOI, as I know he/she finds it so easy to jump from a team to another team it seems like he/she has a 'green card' to join whatever team that he/she likes, and when the honor tournament comes he/she can get highest score like everybody is supporting him. I’m just curious - who is he/she?   <_< 


babuska, same like IOoRifaioOI he/she is the master of the honor tournament  

and nowadays, alvanos, seem he/she is the biggest Villain attacker


And who are the opponents you respect the most? (max 3 players)

Blujay Amitsena RAUF


Do you follow the forums? If so, any favourite forum members?

I'm new to the forum, but I read most of posts, at the moment I don't have favourite forum members

Have you a curious anecdote related to the game you want to tell us?

Yes. Since I join the game, seems some players don't want me have a high amount of honor.    :D 


What is the most strange, funny or in your opinion the best name you have given a pet? (and why)

I never give my pets names, I just stick with the default names and I like Frosty


Your hero name is TuanWijaya. Why did you choose this for your hero?

Tuan means Mister/Sir. Wijaya means victory. Hopefully I will get many victories   :D 


Any advice for newbies?

Do your best


What's your favourite sidekick and favourite items?

My favourite sidekick& item(s) are the one that give the better stat skill, whatever it is.


What is the first thing you do when you login to the game and why?

Not always in pattern, but nowadays I'm doing training because that way even if I don’t do any missions my skill will increase




Thanks for the interview TuanWijaya and congratulations again on your Valentine's Day contest win. We hope you will continue enjoying Hero Zero!


Until next time, this is PostmodernPugilist, roving reporter, signing off.

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