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Garage Interview #5 - Raniel

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Posted 04 July 2015 - 03:27 AM

Hi guys... AngelicaSynn here...
It's time to interview another victim, err, player... this month, we have Raniel in the Garage.
He's one of the top player's on this server...
• Hi, how are you? Can you give us your username and the servers where you are playing?  
Raniel... I only play in AP1.
• How did you start playing Hero Zero? Through friends? Publicity?
• Do you still remember your first days as a “noob” in Hero Zero?
Sure, I remember it like it was yesterday.
• What do you like the most in the game?
To make friends and chat
• Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?
I want to try to be the best
• In your opinion, what was your greatest achievement in HZ so far?  
I reached level 300
• Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of friendship with another player? Who and how?
fniewfunfiSNF... I met him in his childhood, he is now like my son... we rely on each other for everything and I see him as my brother
• Who's your favorite Hero? Why?
Matteus, his skills are beautiful,
• Is there any player you look up to, that you admire? And if so, who is it and why?
To myself for being one of the best
• Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:
Best players (exclusively based on their ability as players, not their personality etc.): 
• You are one of the top players of Hero Zero. What is the secret of your success? 
Make coins and daily training... that is the key to success
• How does it feel to be a leader of one of the best teams in the entire server? Is it an easy task? 
It is not as easy as you think... but you do what you can
• Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?
Yes, I recently won a tournament in honor... it was a hard fight but it was worth it.
• When did you start playing Hero Zero?
It was two years ago
• How did you start playing Hero Zero? Advertisements, friend recommendation...etc.
• What is your advice to newbies?
All newbies start in a beginner stage, but I tell you never to surrender
• What's your favorite sidekick ?
the cat
• What is the first thing are you do when you connect to the game ? Why ?
Do your training, as it is the most important thing a hero can do to be stronger every day.
Thank you for your insight into the game... this is Cub Reporter, AngelicaSynn, signing off til next time...
ENIGMA: "The tutorial is hidden in the bee house."

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#2 Raniel



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Posted 09 September 2015 - 05:27 AM


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