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Patch notes 2017-01-24

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 05:58 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2017-01-24):
New Features
• The whole Hero Zero client has been reworked and is now larger in the browser and on Steam. In case you experience any problems in the browser version, please clear your browser cache. If this does not resolve the problems, please contact the support.


• The work feature has been removed from the game.
• Rewards for work-related heroic deeds which have been completed, but the rewards have not been claimed yet, can still be claimed.
• Work-related heroic deed which have not been completed yet cannot be completed after the update.
• With one of the next updates, the work-related heroic deeds will be taken out of the heroic deed overview.
• Hero Distress Calls, that require work, have been taken out of the game.


Hero Hideout
• All players who reached at least level 8 now have access to the hero hideout.
• You can find the hero hideout in the main menu, between the training and the special missions.
• 67 new heroic deeds have been added for the hero hideout.
• Expand your hero hideout throughout the currently 4 underground levels.
• As of now, 10 different rooms are available, each can be upgraded up to level 20.
• Produce Super Glue and Zeronite to further expand your hideout.
• Collect Coins and Experience Points in the respective rooms and make your hideout safer against unwanted guests with defense posts and defense robots.
• A new ranking list for hero hideouts has been added to the ranking lists.
• Send attack robots to other hideouts and try to snag some unsecured Zeronite and Super Glue stock, and to raise your Glory for the hero hideout ranking list.
• The work booster remains, but it now boosts the coin yield in the hero hideout.


• The smartphone and tablet version has been completely reworked.
• From now on, this version offers the same functionality and the same appearance like the browser version.
• The friend list can now be hidden/shown by using the small button at the bottom left.
• Item actions like buying, selling, equipping, whip stitching etc. can now be executed in a new more comfortable menu. Drag & drop however, is still possible like in the browser version.


Your Hero Zero Team

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