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Patch notes 2017-02-14

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 06:58 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2017-02-14):
During the past 3 weeks, updates have been implemented weekly. This list contains those, as well as todays updates.


New Features
• After a fight, the fight UI will now be displayed again until the fight result dialog is closed.
• For players, who played via Facebook login, the friend list did not load properly. This issue has been fixed.
• For some players, the status of the hero hideout has been displayed incorrectly in the main menu. This problem has been fixed.
• After skipping a duel it was possible that the hero hideout opened up. This issue has been fixed.
• Some display issues with the elevator in the hero hideout have been fixed.
• Display issues of reward animations have been fixed.
• Some players experienced problems, when they tried to unlock a second worker. This issue has been fixed.
• An error in the display of the progress of item patterns has been fixed.
• For some players the Secret Offer Shop did not display any offers anymore. This issue has been fixed.
• Missiles and sidekicks will now be displayed correctly again in fights.
• The friend list should now load faster and display all friends correctly.
• Resource rewards from hideout fights now will be rewarded directly to the storage and not be sent as a voucher anymore.
• The levels of enemies in special missions have partially been displayed/cut off incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.
• The positioning of sidekick skills during a fight has been adjusted.


• The server selection has been completely reworked. It is now possible to switch between accounts on different servers quickly and easily.
• Several issues, which could cause the App to crash, have been fixed.
• The Experience bar has partially been displayed incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.
• In the sidekick menu an error could occur if the sidekick was changed. This issue has been fixed.
• If several push notifications are available, all of them disappear if you tap on one of them. It is not neccessary anymore to manually delete every single notification.
• The ammunition belt has been reworked and is now easier to use.
• It was possible that the App did not display the button to finish a mission correctly, when the time of a mission ran out. This issue has been fixed.
• A progress indicator has been added to missions and training in the main menu.
• Memory usage of the App has been optimized.
• Players will now get a push notification when a villain shows up.
• Heroic sense missions will now only show in the correct zones in Hero Air.
• It could happen that the first special mission coulod not be completed on tablets. This issue has been fixed.
• Sidekick attributes can now be compared in the sidekick menu in the app as well.
• It was possible that the team chat scrolled back to the beginning after switching to a different area of the game and back. This issue has been fixed and the team chat will now stay on the correct chat line.
• The data usage of the App has been reduced.
• Many smaller issues have been resolved.
• Partially, the background image of special missions has been displayed incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.
• From now on, the TV for reducing the waiting time in missions is also available in the App.


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