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Easter Eggs

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 12:51 PM

Hello everybody. I created this topic for some fun and some curiosity things from the game.
I hope that everybody participe and post something funny 'kay?
Hope that the creators post if we guessed rigth about any easter eggs that we discoverybiggrin.png
Have fun and keep going.


Lets see
Everybody thats in an guild with 40% expansion know this one: happy.png
- The Captain America is doing an part time job in every guild? (Guild closet)
This one on the 3º chapter huh.png
- Have anyone asked what an statue of Scar from "The Lion King" is doing there???
Only guilds with 50 % expansion laugh.png
- What that "Aquaman" dude is doing in front of the pc??? And hes left-handed too!!! (Naughty boy) biggrin.png
Any guild with 20% expansion:
- Now its the "purpure girl" time to... tongue.png
This one i dont know the expansion %: sad.png
-You can see an toy of the "Batman" next to the chat window.
An boss:
- "The Joker"... I dont even need to tell this one. dry.png
Well thats all for now guys. Post any easter eggs that you find here and lets have fun together.

-there is a jedi with a light saber on the right side of the screen on the shelf & There is a unicorn on the top shelf in the weight room lol and a tub of Fried Chicken

only 30% expansion

-in the shop, the helmets above the shop keeper are from "Kick Buttowski: Urban Daredevil". You can also see one in your home screen in the background behind your belongings.

-The Mime is Switzerland has a guitar case but no guitar, maybe he doesn't like to make noise anymore but he used to be a musician lol the irony.

-If you go into Work you will see a mug and it has a Space Invader on it from Space Invaders


credit = arlin

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