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SideKick Abilities!

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 12:57 PM

Post what are your sidekick abilities and I'll add it to the list!


18 Abilities found


Lvl 10 Abilities


-Constant Dripping-

40% chance of dealing additional dmg over 4 rounds equal to 45percent of your current attack's damage (can happen multiple times in a fight)


-Not So Bad-

20% chance to reduce damage dealt by opponent by 40% (only works once per fight)


-Not Like This-

You have a 45% chance of dealing out another strike after being hit by your opponent critically. Can happen only once during a fight


-Me First 

Increases the probability of dealing out the first strike. You have 40% higher chance to deal out the first strike.


-Head Butt-

20% chance to stun for a round. Can happen only once per fight only



Lvl 20 Abilities


-Get the stick-

Increase Missile Damage by 10%


-The Strength of Two-

Increase your strength by 10%


-Jogging partner-

increases stam for 10%


-Smart Guy-

Increase your basic intelligence 10 %


-Four Eyes-

10% increase in basic "instinct" (I guess that means intuition)



Critical hit chance of opponent is reduced by 5%


-Eagle Eye-

Dodge Chance of opponent is reduced by 5%



Lvl 30 Abilities


-Tit for Tat-

15% chance to throw back 25% of the received dmg of a hit immediately (can happen multiple times in a fight)


-Take Cover-

20% chance to dodge an actual hit (only works once per fight)


-Bulls Eye-

30% chance to deal 50% extra crit damage once per battle


- Revenge!

You have a 30% chance to throw back 50% of the received damage of a critical hit immediately. Can happen only once during a fight.


-Cheating Death-

When your opponent actually deals out a winning strike, your hit points are set to 1 and the fight continues. Can only happen once during a fight


-Two are better than one-

25% to attack twice in a row (only once)


credit = udareutake

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