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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:49 AM




-Try to have the 50% exp booster on at all time, if you have the donuts.


-If you're low on donuts don't waste a lot on missiles but save missiles only for team fights, but always keep them on since they work wonders in special missions and duels (that you have not initiated). Missiles are only used up on duels you have initiated and team fights.


-Use a BALANCED build. Strength is less important than others, and should not be as high.


-Training is the most import thing to do each day in this game (except reporting for team fights)


-Do always try to get ten hits in on a villain since you will get epic gear for it.


-When leveling up the energy refill prices increase so if you know you will level and use the extra refills, do buy them previous to leveling


- If you attack some one that has higher honor & or is a higher level than you you will sometimes be rewarded with     an item or a doughnut ! But only if you have less than 20% chance of winning


- If you hover over the "to team" in the chat, you will see different ways of writing to specific members on your team


- Don't do the shopping refresh 5+ deeds and so forth for donuts, it is not worth it smile.png- Do only renew the shop when you are done leveling for the day (since the items shown will be related to your level) or just before the team fights to get the best equipment.


- When we have seasonal missions, like Christmas and Halloween, these can be used to reset every mission in every zone. So if you want to maximize the exp/coin output of mission, do all non seasonal missions of high value to you, then reset them all with one seasonal mission and start all over again.

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