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Patch notes 2019-04-30

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Posted 30 April 2019 - 06:00 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2019-04-30):
New Features
Training 2.0
• The Training system has been completely overhauled.
• For every attribute, there is a workout session to choose from available. Workout session have randomly chosen time limits, Motivation Unit costs and rewards.
• During every workout session, up to three Workout Goals can be reached. Reaching a Workout Goal will grant you rewards. To reach Workout Goals, you have to collect Fitness Points.
• You collect Fitness Points through completing offered Fitness Exercises.
• Three different types of Fitness Exercises are available: Fight, Skill and Starndard Fitness Exercises. Starting a Fitness Exercise requires Training Energy.
• Training Energy always counts for the current workout session. If you spent Training Energy, it refills automatically over time.


• As a part of the training system overhaul, Training Units have been renamed to Motivation Units
• Team Time Boosters now reduce the amount of Fitness Points requires to reach Workout Goals within workout sessions. As before, the boosters will also reduce mission times.
• 4 new options for Outfits have been added and the maximum number of Outfits has been increased by 4.
• The option to skip fight animations in Fight Fitness Exercises has been added to the options.
• A new heroic deed for reaching all three Workout Goals within a workout session has been added.


• The item comparison (green arrow) now disregards modification slots if there are modification slots on both items.
• In the preview for Outfits the set bonus of missiles has not been factored in. This issue has been fixed.
• HTML version: The input line for the team chat has been offset sometimes. This issue has been fixed.
• Several smaller issues have been fixed.
• We’re aware that some teams are abusing/exploiting the team attacks to hold on to team trophies. Actions to prevent this will be applied soon and penalties will be applied to the teams as we see fit.


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