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Patch notes 2020-09-22

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Posted 22 September 2020 - 06:04 AM

The following new features were added today (2020-09-22):
New features
• In the confirmation dialogue, when attaching a modification, the tooltip now shows the target item.
• Experiencepoint rewards in Hero Distress Calls and daily bonuses now scale with the character level.
• Vouchers can now be filtered according to their type
• The Multitasking feature has been expanded - you can now complete missions, take part in villain fights AND play in the Casino at the same time!
• In the Workshop and the Hero Forge, now the items that are being generated are displayed.
• The tutorial for the Hero Hideout has been adjustet to show clearer what needs to be done.
• For the Champion League Set in the Secret Offer Shop there's now the fitting and cute Sidekick Ruffy available!
• Vouchers now show the expiration day, on which they will be automatically redeemed on login.
• In the preferences for team applications, the options "Hero Hideout: Minimum Expansion Level " and "Hero Hideout: Minimum Workshop Level" have been added.
• Vouchers for Super Glue or Zeronite won't prompt a "Redeem now or later" dialogue anymore.
• Coin rewards in the Casino have been upgraded.


• The SMS payment method was not working as intended in the Secret Offer Shop. This issue has been resolved.
• In the HTML5 version, the icons in the Exchange Room were sometimes reversed. This issue has been resolved.
• In the HTML5 version, item and booster rewards from the Casino have not been displayed properly. This issue has been fixed.


• It was possible that the tooltip for a duel opponent showed the values of the previous opponent. This issue has been fixed.
• It was possible that after refreshing workouts the rewards of the previous workouts were displayed. This issue has been fixed.
• During a Villain HeroCon it was possible that the game crashed if there were no Villain times available. This issue has been fixed.


Your Hero Zero Team.

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