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2020 In Review

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Posted 31 December 2020 - 01:04 PM


Now that 2020 is over, it is time to take a look back!
Get ready to enjoy what has changed this year.

The 2020 Year in Review was done by the coordination team of this community and all images in this thread are owned by Playata GmbH or made by our team. All information provided here is trustworthy and has been obtained from the various platforms associated with Hero Zero: game and forums. This thread sums up the most important moments of 2020 for our game. We hope you like it!




We made some changes to our forum, did you forget them? We will make sure you do not.
• New Badges for forum users.
• New categories & New subforums.


Ohhhhhh, the events! We hope you still love them. Please continue to participate on them in 2021!
• Valentine's Day - The Perfect Date between the 10th of February and 15th of February
• "Scavenger Hunt at Home" between the 10th of April and 17th of April.
• "Summer Memes Event" between the 17th of July and 24th of July.
• "Halloween Spooky Story" between the 15th of October and 22nd of October.
• "Christmas Tree Event" between the 16th of December & 23rd of December.


97 new topics were created in 2020. They seem a lot, but check how many new messages we had.


160 new messages submitted in 2020.


Aaaaaaaand, 1217 new forum accounts were registered in 2020. The Advent Calendar does magic, doesn't it?



This last year we had 13 updates (not bad, right?). As we do not want you to get lost, check out the biggest changes that have been made throughout the year below:

On January 14th:
• The bars for your skills are now more colourful! From now on, the Skillbars shine in 10 new colours.

• A new Hideout room is now available: The Hero Forge

On February 11th:
• Three new HeroCons have been added to the HeroCon rotation.
• Three new adorable Sidekicks await you, which are sometimes temporarily available for purchase in the Donut Shop after a Level-Up.

On March 10th:
• Leaders and advisors of a team now have access to advisor's notes, which only they can see and edit.

On March 31st:
• On April 7th, 2020, we'll launch a brand new feature: Seasons!

On May 5th:
• In the Hideout, a third Work Robot can now be rented after the second Work Robot has been purchased.

On June 2nd:
• From now on, a cross-server PvP Tournament will take place every week!
• Compete with heroes from all over the world!

On August 25th:
• Vouchers can now be redeemed for up to 4 days.
• The recognition of players who use bot software has been improved.

On September 22nd:
• Vouchers can now be filtered according to their type
• The Multitasking feature has been expanded - you can now complete missions, take part in villain fights AND play in the Casino at the same time!
• For the Champion League Set in the Secret Offer Shop there's now the fitting and cute Sidekick Ruffy available!
• Vouchers now show the expiration day, on which they will be automatically redeemed on login.

On October 20th:
• As soon as you collected 80 different Sidekicks, the new cuddly Sidekick "Duke" is waiting for you as a Heroic Deed reward! With his special level 10 ability he supports you on your heroic adventures.

On December 15th:
• You can now select which unlocked title your hero should carry!


Wow! That was fast, wasn't it? We hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you.

2020 was a strange, difficult, year and we certainly could not do it without you. Your willingness and participation on our community were essential for us to move forward!

Keep checking our forum in 2021 and make sure you do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas about Hero Zero with us.


Thank you for 2020,
Υour Hero Zero team.

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