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2021 in Review

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Posted 02 January 2022 - 05:10 PM


Time changes everything faster than we can keep track of.

2021 is over... and for us is time to take a look back!

Get ready to enjoy what has changed this year.

The 2021 Year in Review was done by the coordination team of this community and all images in this thread are owned by Playata GmbH or made by our team. All information provided here is trustworthy and has been obtained from the various platforms associated with Hero Zero: game and forums.

This thread sums up the most important moments of 2021 for our game. We hope you like it!




Who doesn't love the events? Continue to participate in them in 2021!

• Valentine's Day - "Valentine's Day Event" between the 10th of February and 14th of February
• Spring Event - "Spring Words Party" between the 29th of April and 3rd of May.
• Summer Event - "Summer Fun" between the 13th of August and 17th of August.
• Halloween Event - "Trick or Treat" between the 27th of October and 31st of October.
• Christmas Event - "Christmas Tree Event" between the 22nd of December and 26th of December.


[103] new topics were created in 2021.

They seem a lot, but check how many new messages we had.



[163] new messages submitted in 2021.



[1,886] new forum accounts were registered in 2021.

How magic can be an Advent Calendar, doesn't it? :D



This year we had 13 updates (not bad, right?).

Check out the biggest changes that have been made throughout the year below:

On February 9th:
• 29 new titles that you can unlock through Heroic Deeds and Seasons.
• All backgrounds have been updated to a new animation system. So the HTML5 version now also has animated backgrounds.

On March 9th:
• 10 new levels for the Heroic Deeds.
• You can now also buy complete item sets in the Secret Offer Shop including a Sidekick, if there is a Sidekick available for the respective Set.

On April 6th:
• Find your preferred Sidekicks even faster now - you can now mark Sidekicks as favourites.
• Which the search filter in the Sidekick overview, you can now also search for skill names and skill descriptions.
• A new Tournament has been added! For the Skill Tournament all bought skill points, as well as skill points earned through workouts, count.
• You can earn items with cool animated effects through special activities in the game.

• The cape can now be hidden.

On May 4th:
• When the Reactivation Code is requested when deleting an account, it now will also be sent via Email if the account is registered on an Email adress.
• In Situations, when there is 0 Training Energy left after a Fitness Exercise, there now will always be one Fitness Exercise generated that costs 1 Training Energy.

On June 1st:
• If villain attacks have their time run out before the Villain flees or is defeated, they now also count towards your attack counter.

On June 29th:
• The game now requires less RAM and graphics memory.

On June 27th:
• The rewards for the skillpoint tournament have been doubled.
• The best heroes in the Solo HeroCon Tournament now receive a surprise box as a reward, which contains at least one piece of a new item set.

On August 24th:
• You can now get Puffy the Pufferfish, as well as a fitting cool Hero Set of the Pufferfish in the Secret Offer Shop. With that, you're perfectly prepared for your next underwater mission! Some of the set pieces even have an epic animated effect.
• An auto-complete feature for character names has been added to private conversations. When you're typing the first letters of a hero name into the recipient line, you now get suggestions for possible recipients.

On September 21st:
• From now on, teams will unlock one trophy slot for each 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% expansion level.

On October 19th:
• The Daily Login Bonus has been adjusted - there are now more possible rewards available!
• The best heroes in the Weekly PvP Tournament now recieve a surprise box as a reward, which contains at least one piece of a new item set.

On November 16th:
• The Superhero Box of the Galactic Pit Fighter will now be awarded to the top 10 players in the weekly PvP Tournament as a reward.
• The Hero Box of the Galactic Pit Fighter will now be awarded to the top 100 players in the weekly PvP Tournament as a reward.
• There are new, unique rewards available for the Weekly Experience Tournament!


Wow! 12 months passed so quickly...

We experienced everything, problems, lovely memories... but 2021 was definitely an improvement in 2020.
In another challenging year, we certainly could not do it without you.
Your willingness and participation on our community was essential for us to move forward!

Keep checking our forum in 2022 and make sure you do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas about Hero Zero with us.

We hope you enjoy what we have prepared for you.
In the meantime...we wish you a very Happy New Year!



Thank you for 2021,
Υour Hero Zero team.

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