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Team and Player Presentation Rules

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 10:22 AM

Team Presentation Rules:


The rules presented herein are advisory to the extent that they will not lead to a ban on your account. 


However, failing to follow the recommended procedures can and will lead to the removal of your topic, and all the other forum rules concerning spamming, advertising, inappropriate conduct etc. still apply 

as per normal.


For your team's presentation to be valid, it must conform to certain rules. Those are:


- The thread's title must be the name of the team (e.g.: The Winners). Any other content (e.g.: The Winners - WE ARE RECRUITING!) can and will be removed by the moderating team.


- The main body of the presentation must necessarily contain the team's upgrade level in detail. If the team is upgraded at 100%, just mentioning that is enough.



Quarter: 15

Facilities: 24

Popularity: 43

Motivation: 50




""Our team is fully upgraded!"")"



Player Presentation Rules:


A player's presentation should follow these rules in order to be valid:


- The thread's title must be the name of the player (e.g.: BestPlayerEver). Any other content (e.g.: BestPlayerEver - Looking for a team) can and will be removed by the moderating team.


- The main body of the presentation must clearly state the current level of your player.






"Apart from the above rules which must be followed, we also recommend that you provide the following data when posting your team's/player's presentation. This data is optional but it greatly increase your chances of finding what you are looking for:"




- Your team's rules

- The leader of the team or the one responsible for recruitments.

- The minimum and/or maximum level a player must be in order to apply.

- Whether duels between players of your team are allowed.

- Your minimum requirements in boosters a team member must have.

- Whether team members must donate premium currency to the team.



Our team's rules:

* We don't allow insults between team members.

* All members must respect the leader.

* You must log in every day or you will be kicked from the team.

* Duels between team members are not allowed.

* You must donate to the team every day.

* etc.


Leader: MrPerfect


Please apply only if you are level 50 or more.


and so on






- How often you play.

- If you have pets.

- The kind of boosters you use.

- Whether you are a premium player or not.



Availability: I play every day except on Sundays.

Pets: 8

Boosters: I never buy boosters.

Donuts: I buy 100 donuts per month.


and so on



Good luck to all our players and teams.



Team Hero Zero


Enigma: What is taller than the Eiffel tower but definitely less heavy?

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