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Patch notes 2016-04-19

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Posted 19 April 2016 - 05:57 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2016-04-19):
• We added the option "Game" to the cogwheel menu, where the display of team and gang fights can be disabled. When the display is disabled, only the result of the fights will be shown.
• Sidekick tooltips now also show show comparison values for the equal sidekick level.


• If batteries are used for an attack on a villain and the villain is defeated before the actual attack happens, the batteries will be refunded and can be used again afterwards.
• If work is aborted early, 50% of the pay will be credited for every full hour of work.
• We changed the duration of missions considering boosters and team boosters, so no extremely short missions show up anymore. The rewards, however, will still be dependend on the basic duration of the mission, without boosters.


• Accounts which are not linked to other accounts (e.g. Facebook), can now be deleted within the mobile client.
• An issue has been fixed, which caused the android app to show an error message when the game was started.


• The small training team booster now grants 4 training units (before: 3)
• During the calculation of the team fights, no doubles or melons can be purchased anymore.
• If players join a team, they do not profit from bonuses of team tropies until the next day. This also applies to trophies, which are won after they joined the team.


Team booster
We are planning on adjusting the mission team booster once again. It's our goal to provide an actual possibility to save time for the players. Hence we will transform the mission team booster into a time team booster, which reduces the duration of missions by 10%/20%, but not the energy costs. The time booster will also affect training sessions. This change will be applied with the next update in order to give the teams enough time to consider the upcoming changes when they buy team boosters.

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