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Fan Fiction- The Emerald Necklace

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Posted 01 August 2016 - 10:04 AM

****** I started writing stories about my characters from 'another game', and since the mind and soul behind them are the same, I wrote this piece using a few of my characters from those stories to introduce the hero I play in the game now...  *****


"Are you certain, Mon A'mi?", asks Joan


"I can feel her presence in our link, but until we reunite her soul-shards... but yes, I am sure.", answers Alex




The members of team Turbulence leave the basement lair by twos and threes.


Angelica speaks to Pink and Power Bottom for a few minutes, then turns toward downtown and heads for the offices of the Gazette.


She has the strangest feeling of being watched, but can find no one after making several attempts to backtrack any pursuit.


She turns into the semi-lit alley where the side door of the Gazette awaits, but she hears the somehow familiar sound as a man clears his throat behind her.


"W-who are you... w-what do you w-want?", she stammers, dropping into a karate stance.


Her mind whirled through dozens of scenarios to mentally prepare herself, in case this turned ugly...


Yoyodyne might be retaliating for my interference over the past several months, she thought.


"Miss... I have no ill intentions towards you.", the man said in a weary voice.


"So, who are you... what do you want?", she asks.  


Why does he look and sound so familiar?, she thinks.


"If you 'ave a little time, we can explain, n'est pas..." says a somehow familiar female voice, as she steps from the shadows.




"So... you believe I have this...  soul-shard(?)... so how can I help... to the best of my knowledge, there is no magic in this... realm(?), did you say... so how can I give you what you want?", Angelica inquires.


"We 'ave the magic to do the job with us, but it can only work in this realm with your willing consent, n'est pas.", says the one called Joan.


Alex pulls forth a set of small silken bags, and selects the one with a green string-tie.


"According to the directions we were given... you must agree to wear the necklace, put it on, and Joan must bless you... that should partially heal my wife.", says Alex.


"And what happens to me?", asks Angelica.slightly nervously.


"We really don't know, as magic is not our specialty, either of us...", says Joan.


Angelica examines the situation from every possible angle, mentally.


Finally, looking from Joan to Alex and back again, she grins a crooked little grin.


"Wouldn't be much of a hero if I refused, now would I?", she says.


Alex breaths a sigh of relief as he opens the bag and dumps the necklace into Angelica's waiting hand.


"Not very flashy, but its actually pretty nice, and Emerald is my birthstone....", said Angelica, as she fastened the clasp, then pulled her hair free of the platinum chain.


As Joan took Angelica's shoulders in her hands and concentrated, the emerald began to glow softly...


In the realm of Fae-re, the moonstone around Krystal's neck started to glow as well...




"I don't really feel any different... well, the 'dream memories' are a little clearer, but otherwise...", said Angelica.


Alex gave a sigh of relief as he released the breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.  He hugged Angelica in a brotherly way, smiled and thanked her, then turned for the location of this realm's gate...


Joan said to Angelica, "You 'ave no idea 'ow much you 'ave 'elped... I now reside in a nearby realm,so if you should need my 'elp, just pray.". as she turned to follow Alex.




Angelica watched them as they walked out of sight, lifted her new emerald to examine it, then smiled as she turned and walked back towards the Gazette building.



*****Just in case anyone is interested, I'd be happy to share the link to the other stories I have stored on my google drive account... just PM me for the link... *****

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