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Garage Interview #6 - LevelHunter

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Posted 08 September 2016 - 07:44 PM

Hi guys! AngelicaSynn here, with the first Garage interview in a long while.


Our subject today is LevelHunter


Hi there! Could you tell us your name and when you started playing Hero Zero, and on what server(s)?


Hello   :). I started playing Hero Zero a few months after the release on the German server "S2".and I play here on AP1

How did you start playing Hero Zero? Advertisements, maybe because of a friends recommendation?


Ads in the German TV.

Do you remember the day you started playing Hero Zero?

No - but I remember the day I start on AP1. 1st of November 2015   :)

What do you like the most in the game, and what do you like the least?


I love training, missions, duels and league fights, but I don't like special missions - they are annoying   ;)

What is the most successful thing you have done in Hero Zero?


- Level 300

- #1 in the weekly tournaments honor and experience


Do you want to achieve something specifically in your career as a hero?


- Level 444

- 12.000 points on each skill

You are one of the top players of Hero Zero. What is the secret of your success?


Most of the time I am a top 10 player in honor. The "key to success" is training. Do all your trainings every day and you will be a good player soon.


How does it feel to be an advisor, in other words in the leadership, of the #1 ranked team on the entire server?


Sometimes it's difficult, but I like to help my team. It gives me pleasure, that the leader of my team (Striker) trusts me.

Is there any special moment in your career as a hero you would like to share with us?


Yes, but it's a sad story. I reached level 300 with a distress call, so I wasn't able to take a screenshot of it.


And another sad story. On a German server (S6) I met a nice man who had cancer and only a few months left to live. After some months he became inactive and the whole team knew why. It was like a hard punch in my face, because I really really really liked him.

Have there been any moments when you thought of quitting the game? What made you go on?


Yes - I already quit the game once (on AP1). My team Gravedad Zero made me go on, because I really like the members there and some friendships are very important for me, so I won't leave the team - and the game   :)


What is the most strange, funny or in your opinion the best name you have named a pet? You may also tell us if you think somebody else has named their pet in some funny and good way.


Conso - he named his cat after me   :)


What's your favorite sidekick, and what are your favorite abilities for it?


My favorite sidekick is Frosty with his special skill snow avalanche.


Head Butt - Eagle Eye/Bodyguard - Snow Avalanche are my favorite abilities.

Is there any player you look up to, that you admire? And if so, who is it and why?


on German servers:


tinii and DrArroganto, because they reached level 500 as the first players.


on AP1:


Striker and hero789, they know how to play the game!

Which of your opponents do you respect the most, and who, in your opinion, is the best player on this particular server?


I respect everybody, but Striker and hero789 are in my opinion the best players.

What is your advice to newbies?


Do your training and your energy and join a good team.

Who is your favorite hero outside the game? Why? (e.g. Batman, Super-Man)


The Flash, because he is so extremely fast! I would like to be the Flash, then I can finish my training and my missions in a second! haha   :D

Describe HZ in three words.


Funny, amazing and cool   ;)

Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?


On AP1 I won the honor tournament more than 10 times.


I won the experience tournament just a week ago and I'm going to win this EXP tournament, too.


Thank you for taking time to give us your insights into the game.


This is AngelicaSynn, til next time...

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Posted 08 September 2016 - 08:04 PM

Thank you for the nice interview Angelica!

I am very, very happy :)

<3 AP1 <3
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