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Patch notes 2017-03-28

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 05:59 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2017-03-28):
New Features
• The energy storage can now be used for taking out 25 energy at a time for one donut each time.


• Releasing a trophy now leaves an entry in the team chat.
• Winning team donuts in the weekly tournament now leaves an entry in the team chat.


New Zone
• Hero Air now offers travelling to the golden desert for heroes starting level 300.
• New time and fight missions are waiting to be completed by the heroes.
• There are 4 new NPCs roaming about.
• A furious villain is threatening the area.
• Fitting to the new missions, 10 new heroic deeds for the golden desert have been added .
• In order for our heroes to dress up in style, 24 fitting items in different qualities have been added. After reaching the new zone, these will be unlocked bit by bit.
• A new sidekick awaits you! Meow!


• Some items can now be equipped with modifications.
• The higher the item quality of an item, the higher the chance, that the item can be equipped with a modification.
• Modifications raise specific stats on an item.
• Modifications can be produced in the workshop in the hero hideout.
• Modifications are available in 3 different qualities.
• Each modification is always ties to a certain item type and can only be applied to an item of that type.


Hero Hideout
• The room overview can now be accessed at any time in the hero hideout. The button for this is located in between the arrows on the righthand screen.
• It is now shown in the room overview, how many construction sites a room occupies.
• From now on, all players have access to the workshop as a new room.
• In the workshop, item modifications can be produced.
• As soon as a modification has been produced and picked up, a new modification can be produced.
• The producible modification can be changed for one donut.
• The further the workshop, as well as the workshops of team members are upgraded, the stronger the modifications, that can be produced
• The production of modifications costs Super Glue and Zeronite.


• Sometimes wrong tooltips have been displayed in the opponent selection for duels. this issue has been fixed.
• Sidekick names that were too long have caused display errors in the sidekick overview. This issue has been fixed.
• The quality of the background has been optimized.
• Several smaller issues have been fixed


• The download size has been reduced.
• Several smaller issues have been fixed.
• You can now scroll in the hero hideout by swiping.
• The dialog for team description and notes has been enlarged.
• Some buttons have been enlarged in order to improve usability.
• Tooltips can now be closed with a tap on the X button.

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