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Patch notes 2019-12-10

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Posted 10 December 2019 - 06:59 AM

The following new features were added today (2019-12-10):
New features
HTML Version
• The HTML version has been considerably updated!
• Major bug fixes, as well as optimizations have been implemented. Many problems in the mobile version have been fixed as well.
• We are looking forward to hear your further feedback and invite you to continue to test the new version thoroughly. This is especially important, since starting December 2020, the current Flash version will not be supported anymore in most browsers.


• Memorialize your heroism! If you finish a HeroCon in the Top 5 ranks, you now win a respective cool prize cup as a piece of equipment that you can place in frnt of your heroic home!
• Adrenalin will now be refilled each day at midnight.
• The sidekick list is now easier scrollable.
• While a mission is in progress, the type of mission is now displayed.
• It is not possible anymore to delete a team if a team fight is pending and either of the teams are in possesion of trophies. This applies to attacks as well as defenses. This measure was necessary in order to prevent some exploits.


Heroic Hideout
• The maximum levels of many rooms have been increased!
• The following rooms can now be upgraded by 25 additional levels: Hideout Base, Zeronite Mine, Super Glue Manufacturer, Defense post, Attack-o-Bot Factory, Fighting Bot Improvement Unit, Defense-o-Bot Factory, Lab of Infinite Knowledge, Workshop.
• The maximum level of the Robot Warehouse has been increased to 20.
• The maximum level of the Private Fight Club has been increased to 20.
• The maximum level of the Gym has been increased to 25.
• The maximum level of the Cybernetic Research Laboratory has been increased to25.
• Bots can now be upgraded by additional 25 levels.
• The number of bots used for the latest Hideout Attack will now be saved and used as the standard selection for the next attack.
• A new row of construction sites can now be unlocked.
• Unlocking the construction sites 26 to 35 now costs less Zeronite and Superglue.


Maintenance work
• Several minor bugs have been fixed.


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