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a fabulous suggestion II

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 02:36 PM

hey guys it's udareutake's idea from us1 it's a great idea but i don't know why it's not in game it is already posted in us1 forum and it is was posted on feb 19 2013 and i would like to attract hero zero staff and moderators towards it that's why i am posting it in this forum


POSSIBLE New Contents




Super Villain


Version A


A super villain will be a harder version of the current Villain.

It will appear once every 2 weeks.


It will work just like a normal villain, but will be a 8 hour villain, with better prizes (Better stats for equipment *or can give 2 items instead of 1 item OR 1 item and 1 set missiles* as compared to normal villains, higher XP/coins gain per hit) There could also be special bonuses/items given by this Super Villain.


Version B


A super villain will be a harder version of the current Villain. It will appear once every 2 weeks.

It will work just like a normal villain, but will be a 8-12 hour villain. Instead of the normal individual-based effort, this would be a team-based effort. Example- Player 1,2,3,4,5 from Team Alpha each attack the


Super Villain once, And Player 6,7,8 from Team Bravo each attack the super villain once.

Team Alpha’s last player that hit the villain will see Team Alpha (Rank 1) 5 hits, and Team Bravo’s last player that hit the villain will see Team Bravo (Rank 2) 3 hits.

One main difference is that this Villain is purely Time-Based. The villain Do not have any health. At the end of the Time frame,Team with highest Hits win. Special Rewards will only be given to the top 3 teams,


Other teams that participated will only be given XP/Gold.

The reward to this Team-based super villain will be even higher compared to Version A.

*Possible reward could include special team bonus that would


last for a certain period of time. (Gives bonus to Facilities/Popularity/Motivation (Gives bonus even if team is currently fully expanded)  


A special mission booster -10% for mission time (Last 5
days), that can stack with the existing mission booster)


**Instant Finish of attacks with donuts can be disabled in this villain to allow fairness for all players OR enabled to use as a donut sink pool =]




Reward Examples



Rank 1


Bonus to Facilities/Popularity/Motivation 20% (Last 10 Days)



Special Mission Booster (stacks with the in-game bought
boosters) -10% (Last 5 days)



XP/Coins & 10 Donuts for each player in team



Rank 2


Bonus to Facilities/Popularity/Motivation 10% (Last 10 Days)



Special Mission Booster (stacks with the in-game bought
boosters) -5% (Last 5 days)



XP/Coins & 5 Donuts for each player in team



Rank 3


Bonus to Facilities/Popularity/Motivation 5% (Last 10 Days)



XP/Coins & 2 Donuts for each player in team



Rank 4 and below


XP/Coins for each player in team



*Both Versions can be used together to give players 2
different kind of Villain event every 2 weeks.






$$$$$ Lottery System $$$$$


Choose 6 Numbers between 1-25


There will be 1 draw every week.


6 winning Numbers are chosen during each draw.


Bet Types


Normal – Refers to a selection 6 numbers between 1-25


Special – Refers to a selection of 7-10 numbers between 1-25








*Default Prize Pool will begin at 1,500,000 coins


More than one winner


If there are more than one winning share, equal sharing
kicks in. It means the prize amount will be shared equally among the
winners/winning shares. Equal sharing only apply to Prize Group 1, 2


*Donuts will not be shared, Players will get the Donut
amount stated*




Group 1 Prize: 1,125,000 Coins


No of winners/winning shares: 3


Share amount (each): 375,000 coins +200 Donuts


No winner


If there is no winner in Group 1,2 the prize amount will
snowball (i.e. added to the prize pool of the next draw). Prizes snowballed
will be capped at 3,000,000.



???/*-+ Probability +-*\???



The purpose of this lottery is to allow free-to-play players
to have a chance of winning donuts and extra coins. The prize amount/donut
amount etc can be adjusted for balancing of the game but the main idea of this
lottery is to add new free-to-play content into the game that will not be
affected by whether are you a donut user.





+++++ Rescue Missions +++++



A new category of missions (Appear in Random Zones once

every 1 hour), will be called Rescue Missions.



Better Coin/Xp rewards. Similar concept as fight missions, slightly harder than the current hard fights
when successfully completed, will give global refresh of missions.



This will allow players to see better rewards and new dose of content in the game.






Hero Traits



Activated by paying Coins (Cost is Relative to level, Cost = Twice of a 4 Day booster)



Last 7 Days. Traits are randomly chosen when activated.

Free reroll a day, additional rerolls will cost 1 donut each.



Once expired, Traits can only be reactivated by purchasing
with coins to get a fresh new trait. Duration cannot be extended.




Types of Traits

(Different Probability to roll onto specific trait depending on the benefits)



The Lazy Bum -> +2(x)% chance to finding donuts from Mission/Duel,

-5% coins Earned from Mission/Work



The Business Mogul -> +15% coins earned from Mission/work/Duel



The Donut Connoisseur -> +5(x)% chance to finding donuts from Mission/Duel



The Berserker -> +15% to stats

+20% coins/honor earned from Duels



The Workaholic -> +20% coins/xp earned from Mission/Work/Duels

-5% skills



The Hero of all trades -> +10% coins/xp/honor earned from Mission/Work/Duel


+(x)% chance to finding donuts from Mission/Duel



*(x) is a value to be determined by the devs.





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