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a fabulous suggestion IV

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 02:44 PM

hey guys it's udareutake's idea from us1 it's a great idea but i don't know why it's not in game it is already posted in us1 forum and it is was posted on feb 19 2013 and i would like to attract hero zero staff and moderators towards it that's why i am posting it in this forum


Team Artifact

What are Team Artifacts?
It is similar to a trophy, an item that gives bonuses to a team. An Artifact cannot be stolen but instead will have a different way of interaction between teams(See below #Artifact Gems). Each team will only have one Artifact.
Each team when created will get to choose one Artifact(See Below #Artwork) at default level 1. 
Upgrade Structure of Artifact
50 Levels to upgrade (Coins and donuts)
The upgrade structure is similar to the Team's Expansion, but require lesser donuts.
Artifact's Effects
Lvl 1- 0.5% to your basic skills
Lvl 50- 25% to your basic skills
Lvl 1- 0.5% boost to earned experience points in missions
Lvl 50- 25% boost to earned experience points in missions
Lvl 1- 0.5% boost to coins earned during missions and at work
Lvl 50- 25% boost to coins earned during missions and at work
Lvl1- Courage refills 0.5% faster
Lvl50- Courage refills 25% faster
Artifact Gems
Each Artifact starts with 2 Gems/Slots, and can have up to 5 slots. Each Gem occupies 1 slot
Whenever your team loses a team fight, 1 of your gems will be destroyed.
Whenever your team wins a team fight, you will gain 1 gem (Magically appear!)
Default 2 slots
Lvl 30- Unlocks 3rd slot
Lvl 40- Unlocks 4th slot
Lvl 50- Unlocks 5th slot
Gem's bonuses
Gem bonuses are determined by how many gems & trophies the team has.
0- No Effect
0.5- All members gain 5% stats in Team Fights*(Not during normal duels)
1- All members gain 10% stats in Team Fights*(Not during normal duels)
1.5- Bonus(1) + 5% experience gain in missions
2- Bonus(1) + 10% experience gain in missions
2.5- Bonus (1)+(2) + 5% gold earned in missions and work
3- Bonus (1)+(2) + 10% gold earned in missions and work
3.5- Bonus (1)+(2)+(3) + -10% Mission Time(Stackable with boosters)
4- Bonus (1)+(2)+(3) + -20% Mission Time(Stackable with boosters)
4.5- Bonus (1)+(2)+(3)+(4) +5 training units
5- Bonus (1)+(2)+(3)+(4) +10 training units
Artifacts Integrity (HP/Life)
Artifacts begin with an integrity of 100% 
Whenever a team loses a team fight, Integrity of Artifact drops by 25% 
*Artifact's hp is linked to the effectiveness of its bonuses.
E.g Artifact becomes 75% effective when integrity is 75%.
**Artifact is not destroyed at 0% but instead have no effect until repaired
***Gems Has no effect when Artifact integrity is below 50%.
Repair Cost Structure
*Repair cost is tied to the level of the Artifact
**Artifact's integrity will increase back to 100% once repaired, regardless of its current integrity
Sample Artwork of Artifacts 
*All Artifacts gives the same bonuses, differences are purely aesthetic only
**Artwork of Artifacts can be changed at a cost of 10 donuts.
**Artwork In Progress**




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