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Posted 22 March 2014 - 08:25 AM

The Hero Zero F.A.Q

Tips and suggestions for  heroes

Your hero :


    How does the training and what it brings to my hero?

During training, you can select (strength, stamina, brains or intuition) and this train a Stat. Have this 3-10 (depending on the number of completed trainings) done for just one stat, it increases the corresponding value by 5 points.
You have the 3-10 workouts in succession or not perform on the same day, but you have every day 10 new workouts. (Reset Clock 0:00) The more often you train and the higher increase your stats, the more training sessions are required to improve the Stats.
Likewise, you can create the training as hold and recently even quit. However, this costs a certain number of donuts.
If and for so long has your team trainings per trophy trophies you get 5 workouts in addition to the day.


What are Booster and how they affect my hero ?

There are 3 types of boosters and a heroism :
+ Mission Booster:
---> -10 % Reduced energy requirements and duration of missions for 2 days at 10 % Cost : Coins ( level dependent)
---> -25 % Reduced energy requirements and duration of missions for 4 days at 25 % Cost : Coins ( level dependent)
---> -50 % Reduced energy requirements and duration of missions for 7 days by 50 % Cost: 10 Donuts
+ Ability Booster:
---> +10 % Increase basic skills (without equipment ) for 2 days at 10 % Cost : Coins (level - dependent)
---> +25 % Increase basic skills (without equipment ) for 4 days at 25 % Cost : Coins (level - dependent)
---> +50 % Increase basic skills (without equipment ) for 7 days by 50 % Cost: 10 Donuts
+ Work Booster:
---> +10 % Increases the wage when working for 2 days at 10 % Cost : Coins ( level dependent)
---> +25 % Increases the wage while working for 4 days at 25 % Cost : Coins (level - dependent)
---> +50 % Increases the wage while working for 7 days by 50 % Cost: 10 Donuts
+ Heroism :
 ---> Granted for 1 hour , the choice of the best mission rewards ( Highest experience or highest coin bearing ) Cost: 2 Donuts


    When the so-called Level - brake shall enter into force ?

The "Level-brake" starts at level 249!
Up to this level the needed experience points to rise to the next level-up in small intervals, and you can if you play actively make several levels a day!
From level 249 but there is a big jump (from 90 578 to 318 725 to date) to reach the next level!
From then on, one creates maximum level still 2-3 per week!
This has to all appearances the sense that the field of players closer together and do not pull the top players too far!


    What 's up with the throwing weapon on himself ?

Your equipment slot for throwing weapons will remain empty until 10.Level, then you get a throwing weapon quasi paid. It increases your damage dealt, but needs to time. Each throwing weapon can be used for 100 attacks (100 attacks against opponents in specially launched, duels), then it disappears. You should therefore take care in time to supply!
Rare throwing weapons are there only on special events.
Just throwing weapons are consumed in team fights.


    What brings me the work function ?

Work brings taken from you basically "only" gold new skill to be able to buy points to your character. You can decide you want to work how long. The longer you working the higher course, your wages.
With the work you can pass the time until your energy recharges again, or you have no gold to boost your energy.During the work, it is not possible to complete special missions, missions or training!
Tip: you can send your heroes to work when you go to sleep, so he does not just standing around in the morning and you're a bunch of gold-rich :-)


    How do I get coins?

+ by working
+ by missions
+ by duels
+ by team battles
+ by crooks gangs
+ by selling items
+ by Special Operations
+ regularly by lo gin bonus
+ in certain feats


   How do I get experience?
+ by missions
+ by crooks gangs
+ by Special Operations
+ regularly by lo gin bonus
+ in certain feats


How do I get donuts ?
+ to larger quantities, by just buying
+ now and again by lo gin bonus
+ now and again through missions and battles
+ in certain feats
+ by reaching a new zone
+ in the donuts shop "earn Donuts" by
+ now and again by Contests


2. Skills of a hero

    What do the different abilities ( strength, stamina , brains , intuition ) mean? / How to have an effect on my hero ?

- Strength: Affects the damage, which can cause your character.
This corresponds to 1 Strength = 1 point of damage
-stamina: condition affects your available hit points and determines how long you think through in combat. 1 point condition brings you ~ 10.0 hit points.
-brain: Grips increases your chance to hit your opponent critical.
-intuition: the more intuition you train, the greater your chance to dodge attacks.


    My skill points have decimated suddenly , What to do ?

- Is your ability Booster still active?
- Have you changed to a team that has worse team bonuses?
- Have you changed your clothes, or even stored?


    Why are my skill points to increase several times if I lift them up to a point ?

When Skilling the effects of the booster and team extensions are counted immediately and updated. This leaves the points appear to jump in 2er/3er steps.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Your team :

1 General

    What advantage is it to be in a team?

Players can join forces in the so-called hero teams and play together. The team system has some interesting, fun ways.
For example, teams can fight against each other to get hold of gold and team honor for the team. The collection of "trophies" describes the success of a team and brings advantages and disadvantages (see further below), as can the team four different bonus features to be expanded, which increase the abilities of your heroes or even the mission yield of coins / Exp
In addition, a team can attack crooks bands, whereby the members who have participated in a successful struggle, experience and coins received.


    What are the advantages the melons in the team?

The melons are used in team fights from last 5 players in battle entry as the first attack. These add to high damage and can turn so avoidable lost team fights.
A melon costs 3 donuts and they can be charged by advisers and the team boss.


    What are the costs for the expansion team ?




    How can I attack another team ?

As a member, you can not attack another team, this feature is only available to advisers and leaders available.
The advisers and leaders of a team is also a duel list with vulnerable teams.


    What are the team crest?

    team crest is a logo for your team which indicates a specific team


    What are leaders and advisers and what tasks do you have?

    The leader of a team is the boss.
It can adapt the team crest, appoint advisers, team fights start, recharge melons, expand the team, invite new members and also throw off the team member when needed, as well as the team name, team notes and the Team Description change ..
The leader may also appoint another member as leader.
Should he do this, he becomes a adviser.
This feature is only available to the leader!
A consultant is the assistant from the leader of a team
advisers can expand the team, other players send an invitation to throw members of the team, team fights start, recharge melons, change the team notes and the team description.


    How do I join a team / How can I escape from my team?

To join a team, you should orient yourself first once to you to provide a detailed overview and to find a team that is your needs. Watch a few teams in the rankings, or browse in the 'Hall of teams "in the forum around a bit. Have you found a team that you are interested in, please turn to the leaders and send him an application (hint:. Liners are not welcome and some information about yourself would be desirable). / Would you leave your current team you go to the member survey, clicking on your name, choose on the gear and go "leave team" on.


    I started up a new team. How do I find other players who want to join my team?

First of all you could on an attractive team description in the appropriate section of the forum ("Hall of the team") bring. Furthermore, you should also adjust your team-game description. Sometimes it helps to write players in the rankings simply nice times without a team. You should, however, a "no." accept and may not be unasked send invitations to your team. Other players might feel disturbed it.


    Help, our leader has become inactive and no longer plays . What can you do?

If a team leader at least 21 days was not online, each team member to apply for the dismissal of the team leader. Subsequently, all team members have for 24 hours, the opportunity to vote both for and against the deselection to forgive as well as a voice for a new team leader. For a successful adjustment / re-election at least 50% of all Team members must vote for the dismissal of the inactive team leader.


    How can I rename our team name?

As a team leader you can change the name of the team. Click on the overview page on your team name, there you can enter the new name. If your team has a 100 Checkout donuts can you now click Rename.


    How do I ignore team invitations?

Click the top left of the letter.
There you go up on the tab "ignored"
Now you only have the heels of Team Invitations to Ignore and then you did it!


how can i communicate within the team?

/ help

/ team - your team send a message (alternatives: / t / g / guild)
/ consultant - Leaders and advisers send a message (alternatives: / b / o / officer)
/ to <player name> - A Team Member Send a message (Alternative: / f)
/ aw - answer to the last remaining private message (Alternative: / r)
/ me <text> - Emote message to the team
/ events - View team events or Hide
so can you see if their team here


2 Team fights

    How much does it cost to start a team fight is ?

Expanding controlled teams - cost
1 % - 0 coins
2 % - 0 coins
3 % - 0 coins
4 % - 0 coins
5 % - 0 coins
6 % - 0 coins
7 % - 100 Coins
8 % - 100 Coins
9% - 250 Coins
10% - 250 Coins
11% - 250 Coins
12 % - 500 Coins
13% - 500 Coins
14% - 500 Coins
15 % - 1000 coins
16 % - 1000 coins
17% - 1000 coins
18% - 1500 coins
19% - 1500 coins
20 % - 2000 coins
21% - 2000 coins
22 % - 2000 coins
23% - 2500 coins
24% - 2500 coins
25 % - 3000 coins
26% - 3000 coins
27% - 3500 coins
28 % - 3500 coins
29% - 4000 coins
30 % - 4500 coins
31% - 4500 coins
32% - 5000 coins
33 % - 5000 coins
34% - 5500 coins
35 % - 6000 coins
36% - 6000 coins
37% - 6500 coins
38% - 7000 coins
39% - 7500 coins
40 % - 8000 coins
41% - 8000 coins
42% - 8500 coins
43% - 9000 coins
44% - 9500 coins
45% - 10,000 coins
46% - 10500 coins
47% - 11000 coins
48% - 11500 coins
49% - 12,000 coins
50 % - 12500 coins
51% - 13,000 coins
52% - 13500 coins
53% - 14000 coins
54% - 14500 coins
55 % - 15000 coins
56% - 15500 coins
57% - 16000 coins
58 % - 16500 coins
59% - 17000 coins
60 % - 18000 coins
61% - 18500 coins
62 % - 19000 coins
63 % - 19500 coins
64 % - 20000 coins
65 % - 21000 coins
66 % - 21500 coins
67 % - 22000 coins
68 % - 23000 coins
69 % - 23500 coins
70 % - 24500 coins
71% - 25,000 coins
72 % - 25500 coins
73 % - 26500 coins
74 % - 27000 coins
75 % - 28000 coins
76 % - 28500 coins
77 % - 29500 coins
78% - 30,000 coins
79% - 31000 coins
80 % - 32000 coins
81% - 32500 coins
82% - 33500 coins
83% - 34000 coins
84 % - 35000 coins
85 % - 36000 coins
86% - 36500 coins
87% - 37500 coins
88% - 38500 coins
89% - 39500 coins
90 % - 40500 coins
91% - 41000 coins
92% - 42000 coins
93 % - 43000 coins
94 % - 44000 coins
95 % - 45000 coins
96 % - 46000 coins
97 % - 47000 coins
98 % - 48000 coins
99% - 49000 coins
100 % - 50,000 coins


    We have an attack and defend at the same time. What happens now?

The two fights are displayed in sequence, so you must not be afraid that you might miss one of the two fights.
There is first the fight will be shown, which was first started by you or your opponent.


    Our team fight does not start at the specified time . What now?

Your or the other team playing in a different time zone (incorrect setting). Should the team fight so do not take place at least 1 hour after the set time, you please contact support, which fixes the problem as soon as possible.


    I can not participate in a team fight started . Why ?

The team battle was already started before you wait for Some member of the team you need 24 hours to enter the battle. This serves to avoid team hopping. If this is not the reason for the problem, please contact the support.


    I 'm stuck in a loop. The team battle repeats itself constantly with me. What can I do?

Should you be stuck in a loop, then you will help because the support on. It's best to immediately writes a ticket, because programmers need this loop manually note that tickets over the weekend may require a longer processing time than usual


    What special rewards can I get by crooks gangs ?

If you have engaged a band to get her the chance at a battle gained a Free expansion point / Free Melons (30 pieces melons).
if you do not yet have everything Matured then you get a free expansion.
if you've already removed everything then gets her melons (30 pieces)


3 Trophies

    What are the trophies and what they bring ?

Here you can see an overview of all trophies, broken down into energy, training and courage



    We have not received a trophy with a victory of a team fight. Why is that?

For this problem, there can be several causes:
- Was your team advanced so that you still could you add another trophy?
- Did you have possibly already the maximum number of 5 trophies (A fully loaded team)?
- Had the team that you have attacked a trophy, which could capture her?


    How are the trophies distributed at the beginning of a new server ?

The available 30 trophies ...
10 trophies that your team bring +5 workouts ("Training Trophies")
10 trophies that your team +20 mission to bring energy ("energy trophies")
10 trophies that your team +20 courage bring in duels ("courage trophy")
located ... at the beginning of a server in a common pot, they are distributed randomly among the first of 30 winning teams.
Logically, is to get behind each other when you start fast enough 2 team fights and still be trophies in the pot for a team the opportunity 2.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------


    How can I refresh my energy ?

If you do not have enough energy, so you have to either wait until midnight, the energy is fully replenished daily after 0:00 clock, or 2 donuts or a certain number of coins (the amount of which is level dependent) invest. Once you want to start a mission that requires more energy than you currently have, you will automatically be asked if you want to use donuts or coins. For two donuts and a certain amount of coins then you get 50 energy, overall you can also freshen up to 200 energy by donuts or coins.
Note, however, that your energy after midnight is already completely filled. Leftover energy expires thus, also acquired by donuts or coins!


    Why can not I fill my mission on energy?

You do not have enough coins / Donuts to replenish your energy.
- You can up to 4 x 50 energy refill and have the number of charges already consumed.
- You can top up energy only when the remaining power drops below 50.
- Should you have only used your basic energy and both enough donuts / coins, as well as have not yet been charged again, sometimes helps a simple off and on again lo gin.


    What the levels mean in combat missions ?

Combat missions offer over the normal duration missions a higher proportion of gold or experience haunted in less time. They are divided into the difficulties "Easy", "Normal" and "Hard". At the end of such a mission you have to fight a battle. The values ​​of the opponent based on the difficulty:
Heavy opponents have on average almost exactly 94% of their own skill points
(between 93% and 95%).
Mean opponents have, on average, almost exactly 85% of their own skill points
(between 84% and 86%).
Simple opponents have, on average, almost exactly 77.5% of own skill points (between 75% and 80%).
The average loss is calculated by force, the damage of the weapon and the throwing weapon.
The less damage your weapon and throw weapon make, the less makes the mission opponents.


    What are the special missions and how can I unlock it ?

The special operations to tell you a little exciting story you while you denies 10 fights, trying to solve .
To start special operations can , you have to find during the missions photos. These are shown as rewards (such items) .
If you find a photo have been successful , the special mission is unlocked.
The photo for the first special mission you can find at level 25 . More special operations are enabled with increasing stage .
There you will meet 10 opponents whose strength increases from time to time . If you have successfully completed a special mission , you is the special mode of the special insert for disposal . There, the enemies are stronger, but also leave better rewards .
Special inserts require no energy or something similar , you can get started right away !
If you can but at an opponent fail, you can retry it only in 60 minutes , or through the use of two donuts.


    What does the little TV that sometimes appears on missions and training?

With this TV you can once per hour, your mission time or training time in half by you watch a commercial.

 -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Second Hand Shop :

    When will update the store offer?

The shop product range can even change free after midnight. Each additional change on the same day costs 1 doughnut. The shop Refresh means of a doughnut increases the chance of higher quality goods.


    What's with purple and blue colored objects?

Purple colored objects are called epics, these are items of high quality with most relatively high values. Blue, however, are "rare" items, so-called "Rares", they move from the values ​​down the Epics, but are better than ordinary objects. Both types can you both in the shop and in missions or find duels.


--------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

duels :

    Me if a player on the day more than three times to ! How is that possible ?

In dueling another player can attack a maximum of 3 times a day!
Except you the enemy has already attacked or the opponent starts a counter attack! For each attack an opponent you get an extra attack!


    I was defeated by a player who is clearly from Level forth under me! How is that possible ?

If a duel against a player you lose, which is on the level weaker forth a lot, this can have several reasons:
Reason 1: The player level up and hardly concentrates on training, which he constantly gets skill points to it!
Reason 2: He goes on missions more on those that bring more coins than experience to buy them skill points!
Reason 3: Instead of leveling it usually provides a work and used the coins earned for skilling!
By playing this way, it is possible that level-weak players may well have strong attributes!


    Why am I being defeated by fellow players , which have fewer skills than me?

How often do you dodge or critical strike sets is a chance. The probability is fight across, which means it can happen that you have a lot less than the specified percentage of dodge in one or two battles, or requires critical strike - in other battles but much more frequently. Thereby it can happen that sometimes actually weaker heroes defeat a stronger opponent.


    How do I get honor and what does it bring me ?

honor you get by fighting against other players. With a victory over another player you gain honor in defeat you lose honor. The calculation of the obtained / lost glory after a fight is based on the difference in honor between you and your opponent. Has, the more honor you, the more you find yourself in the rankings and show how much superhero is in you.


    What does the ranking and how can I find myself?

The ranking reflects the current top 10 player base, as well as all the other players again. You can sort them according to player level or accumulated honor. For every victory against another player you gain honor and climb the leader board, defeats let you logically slip off again. About the Hall of Honor, you have also the ability to attack other players and they will advance even to look at.
To return to his own hero just type in the search box and presses the 0 search
If you go with the cursor over their stats, a tool tip tells you even how high is the chance that these opponents you critical hits / dodges you

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Donuts Buy :

    I bought donuts but do not get it. What should I do?

In this case should contact support and explain in detail what you bought and what you paid. Then everything will be clarified


     Why can not I donate donuts even if I did not buy any ? Why do I suddenly have more donuts ?

Every now and then there were the operators Donuts gift. Thus, for example, got the 1,000,000. Hero Zero registered users, each of at least 60 days active was credited Donuts 5 per completed active month. These were dispensable.


    Can donuts be given away / redistributed in any way ?

In the doughnut shop, it is possible to acquire a coupon code for donuts. This can be given away.


    How does the donuts voucher system ?

Lately, you can let you enter this in the form of coupon codes when buying donuts.
For this purpose you choose as before, your preferred payment method, selects the desired doughnut package and click on the bottom right gifts characters.
Then you lead the payment process from the usual and gain after a successful transaction via PM in the game the voucher code. This code is entered at the bottom right gear via the menu item coupon and then the donuts will be credited.
You can use it yourself or give it to another player the code for you.
Please note that the coupon code has to be bought as normal, you get these additional NOT free or generally for free!

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

 sidekick :

    Which sidekick skills are there?

Level 10:

1 - Coscorrón -> Stun your opponent during a round.

You have 20% chance to stun

your opponent during a round. It may occur

once in each contest.

2 - constant drops -> Cause damage to the opponent for several rounds.

you have a 40% chance in 4 rounds of any additional damages up to 45% of current hit. May occur several times in each fight.

3 - Do not hurt either -> Reduce critical damage received.

You have a 20% chance of reducing

critical damage your opponent by 40%.

May occur only once in each contest.

4 - So no -> Allows counterattack after a critical hit.

Allows a fast break after a critical hit.

You have a 45% chance of receiving another blow after you have beaten your opponent critically. May occur only once in each contest.

Explanation for this ability: It is that you have a 45% strike two blows after being critically hit the opponent.

5 - Me First -> increased opportunities to tee off.

Have 40% more likely to strike first.

Level 20:

1 - Find the stick -> Increases damage from projectiles.

Damage caused by your missiles

increased by 10%.

2 - Twice as strong -> Increase your core strength.

Your basic strength increase 10%.

3 - Bodyguard -> Decreases probabibilidad receiving critical hits.

The probability that you contricante propine

a critical hit is reduced by 5%.

4 - Four eyes -> Increase your basic intuition.

Your basic intuition will increase by 10%.

5 - Cunning Chico -> Increase your basic brain.

Your basic brain will increase by 10%.

6 - jogging partner -> Increase your basic restencia.

Your basic strength increased by 10%.

7 - Eagle Eye -> Increase the security of your shots hit.

The chances that an opponent avoid your punches will be reduced by 5%.

level 30 :

1 -Revenge ! -> You can return the critical damage received .

You have 30 % chance of producing

immediately 50% of the damage taken after a

Crit . May occur only once in combat.

2 -A guard ! - > You can prevent an attack.

You have 20 % chance to avoid a blow. Once each may occur in combat.

3 - Full Impact -> Your critical strikes cause more damage.

You have a 30 % chance that your

Crit produce 50 % more damage. may

occur only once in each bout .

4 - Twice is better - > it can attack twice .

You have a 25% chance to attack twice consecutively . May occur only once in each contest .

5 - a whisker -> stand the final blow .

If your opponent propine you a winning blow your hit points will be 1, and continue the fight. May occur only once in each contest .

6 - Eye for eye , tooth for tooth -> You can return the damage received .

You have a 15 % chance of producing an immediate damage received 25 % of the damage after a stroke .


-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

 account :

    How can I delete my game / forum account ?

If you really want to delete your forum account, turn aside in this respect to the support.
Note that tickets over the weekend may require a longer processing time than usual
Your game account you can delete yourself in the game. Just go to delete the gear Sympol, then on account and there on account.


    Can I sign up on all servers with the same data ?

Yes, you can use the same email address on all servers. A separate address for the respective other server is not necessary.
Furthermore, note here that Accounts are again the system server. The "relocation" of Chars from one to the other server is therefore NOT possible.


    Is it possible to change the player names on their own or it will soon be such a feature to Donuts / coins?

It is not possible to change its name by itself. Name changes will only be made ​​through the support if the chosen name in violation of the T.O.S.
A claim to a change of the name is not, so should your tickets in this regard think well, or you worry about already before choosing a name.


    My account has been locked. Why and what can I do ?

Reflect on your past actions in the game: Do you have breached the terms and conditions, for example, by operating multiple accounts, use cheat programs or for insulting other players? For more detailed information, you have the opportunity to contact you to the support and to question the reasons and duration . to justify.
Each user in case of a warning or a "ban" by an email informing you checked in the case please your specified email address or mailbox (just the spam folder, you never know).


    What is the voucher system ?

The voucher system can be found in the gear menu under Account -> Spend voucher.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------


    What is the search function ?

The search function helps you find the threads.
You can there by thread title, content of threads contributions of certain members, and much more in the archive. Search.
Used properly you facilitated the search engine finds your question to answer quickly, even if your question has been answered for some time, have to scroll without you page by page.

    I have a question about a game mechanic and an idea that could improve the game in my opinion .

Nice that you are concerned to Hero Zero. However, a request. Check out the forum in the proposal thread to see if your idea already exists in a form and discussed / rejected / has been found to be good. If you have a question about the game, after looking into the threads with questions & problems, possibly you're not the first person who has the problem.
These USER the search function . We will try the forum before double Topics to be kept free to maintain clarity.
If you still not find anything, you can create a new thread and describe your problem there or your proposal as precisely as possible with a clear conscience.


    How do I change my profile picture in the forum?

Click in the top right forum to your name and select-Me-. It opens a new window with various info and disclosures to your forum account. Edit. Click there on the right side-Profile Again, will open a new sub menu with various customization options. (Change my profile picture) Then select the top point. Then you can upload and manage to cut either a picture from your computer or via URL. However, this image should not violate the applicable Terms of Use violated the license itself and not be protected. Click on Save at the bottom of the page, you confirm the change.


    How do I make my character as a profile picture?

You click the top right of the arrow next to your forum name and go to "My Settings".
There you scroll all the way down to character, adjusts the final real world, you add the name of your team, your character and click "Save Changes" button.
Then the profile picture of your chars is set automatically, please note that this can take maybe a few minutes.


    Some players have under their posts on the forum yet texts, images or the like. What is this and how do I create such a thing?

Similar to the profile picture You can also check your Forums Profile menu a signature ("Signature) Add that appears in all your posts on the forum. This may consist of plain text or from an image (in compliance with the Terms and Condition's). The maximum size a signature may not exceed 350 x 100 pixel dimensions. in the forum, there are also several "artists", which you can certainly be happy to help you create a chic signature.


    How do I create an issue?

Search first, the one that fits your theme sub forum
There you'll find the top right of the button "New Topic". If you click on the button, a new page opens with two input fields, and an editor. In the top input field you are giving your topic a descriptive title that will appear in the unearned run. Joining in the second field, optionally, a few suitable Tags so your thread can be found quickly.
In the great editor including you have enough space aiming to implement your contribution. Would you like to first check whether your post also looks pretty and easy to read, use the "Preview Post". Are you satisfied with your post, click on "Post Thread" below the editor.


    How to make a Team Thread?

You can create a thread for your team to search members and to keep the state of your team to date.
To do this you go in the forum  in the Hall of teams
finds the right world (server) and click there "New Topic" to.
The title of the thread should include the name of your team.
The structure of the thread should tell you everything important about your team, what need to know other players.
Pay attention please also forward only to create a team thread, and not constantly new.


    How do I change my name in the forum?

A fundamental change of name is not possible.
In exceptional cases, for important reasons (!), The support to change the name. Please see but upon spamming the support of such tickets. It must have been a vital reason or a rule violation are present.
For the future: Please you considered BEFORE the application to sites you want to call you!


    What is the signaling function / the message button and how do I use it properly ?

In the news and even in every post you will find the button "Register".
This is there to report inappropriate content, spam, rule violations or insults.
The abuse of the signaling function - for example, to report only to people you do not like, or by spreading lies - is punished with locks and can lead to exclusion from the community.

    How can I close a thread ?

A thread can only be closed by the moderators. Would you like a thread started by you suggest, please send a message to the moderator with the link to the thread, as well as a brief explanation.
Should be closed you think a thread that was not created by you, you can use either their signaling function, or also make the moderators via PM to the thread carefully. Decides the moderator that the closure is useful, the contribution will be closed.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------


1 General

    Can I have multiple accounts on a server or an account of another player immoral ?

Finish recording multiple accounts on the same server is forbidden by the Terms and Conditions . Likewise, the customs of another account. There is the possibility of a sitting or IP sharing for the support lo-gin in order to avoid complications.
A " sitting " that is, the temporary transfer of your account data to others is permitted for a maximum period of 4 weeks, but must be registered with the support. Please keep in mind that the support and the Team Hero Zero which can be committed in the time of the sittings will be held responsible for offenses .
You do it at your own risk .
What does this ominous " IP sharing " ? Under IP sharing is meant when several people eg live together in a household and thus share ONE IP address. Nevertheless, it should be possible that each of these persons ONE account per server created , and only this recorded independently.
It is such an account then allowed to jointly set up or to be located on the same team a team .
With suspicion , which is in violation of these rules or the terms and conditions to continue the support act.


    Is there an app for my Hero Zero I Phone/Android- cell phone, or is in the planning stage ?

Yes, the mobile Hero Zero version for i OS systems (iPhone, i Pad, etc.) you can find in the App Store. The version for Android systems you can find in Google Play Store.


    How do I make a screenshot and how do I do it in the public forum ?

To take a screenshot , there are the following way :
a) press harder on the screen that you want these as a screenshot , the keyboard key " pressure " (alternatively , " Print")
cool.png Go to Windows XP, click Start (bottom left) -> Programs - > Accessories - > Paint
For Windows Vista and Win 7, it is Start -> All Programs - > Accessories - > Paint
c ) Under the menu item "Edit" in MS Paint you can find the "Insert" function (alternatively, press CTRL + V )
d) If this is a screenshot of a battle against another player : Makes the opponent unrecognizable names , otherwise the screenshot will be deleted by the moderators again
e) Save the file in the . jpg format , this reduces the size of the file tremendously . Just go to the menu item File and then " Save as ..." . There you can select the jpg drop- down menu.
Alternatively, for Windows Vista and Win 7Nutzer : Under Start -> Accessories You can find the Snipping Tool program .


How do you do this screenshot in the forum publicly ?
1) Upload the file up in a image hoster . For example, in : WWW.bilder - hochladen.net , www.imageshack.us , www.abload.de or www.pic - upload.de .
2) You will then get a link eg " jpg " ends . This URL / address your copied and clicks when posting on the Create icon Posted Image . There you give a finished and the URL, the image will appear .


    A player has insulted me / A player asks me for my password . What should I do?

If a player you in game or offend the forum you should report to the support this player.
It is helpful to make a screenshot of the corresponding message.


    I got a message promised in with free donuts or coins. What should I do?

If you get offers in which you are promised that someone donates a huge sum of donuts and or coins, but would like to be advisers or even leader, then report this person, as they would with 99.99999% damage for your team.
Also always remember never to reveal your account information!
Power as a person in no case to a member of your team!
Returns the sender of the support!


    Can you exchange / give away items among players ?

The Offer / action of items between players is not currently possible.


    Is there Hero Zero a link that I can send my friends , so you are also players?

If you click on the gear in the game right down, you can find the option "Invite". There you can post your Friends via e-mail either, or by giving them the link displayed there.


    Is it for advertising of new players rewards ?

Have you successfully recruited an active player, this will also be rewarded. Once the referred friend reached with his hero level 30, you will receive both every 10 donuts.


    What is the washing machine / sewing machine ?

washing machine:
· The washing machine is now available to you at level 20 in the second-hand shop available
· The washing machine will change the attribute distribution on the washed article ( The total number of attribute points remains the same)
· An object can be washed as often as
· The washing machine can be filled both with fitted objects as well as objects from the inventory
The washing machine can be used free of charge once a day.
Thereafter, the use costs a doughnut per wash.
sewing machine
· The machine is now available to you at level 20 in the second-hand shop available
· All items can be sewn up to throwing weapons and sidekicks
· The machine changes the appearance of the sewing object convert
· Items can be sewn only on the appearance of objects with the same or lower quality
· Once you buy an item or get a different route to you is the appearance of this object as patterns available
The cost of the sewing up are:
Epic Items: 2 Donuts
Rare Items: 1 doughnut
Normal Items : Coins


    Is there a limit on how many coins you can have in the account ?

No, there is no such limit

2 Servers / Maintenance / Updates

    When do the new server comes?

An exact date is not known.
No one yet knows when they will appear.


    What are the server maintenance and updates?

Every 3 weeks Tuesday morning (from about 8.00 clock) shut down the servers for maintenance.
During this time error to be rectified databases that optimizes performance and installed updates.
You will be in the game about 5-15 minutes previously informed that the servers are shut down. This message do you think the top left of your window.
During this time, the servers are not reachable and you can not play.

3 exploits

    Why can not I successfully complete a specific Heroic ?

Either you're in the wrong area on the road or do not meet the necessary conditions for the exploit. If you want to be sure that will not display a heroic game due to an error as satisfied, please please contact the support.


    Why did I get no reward for a completed deed ?

If you have actually completed the feat, you have your reward "pick up" even in heroics menu. Only then you get this actually. Should the reward be an object, but your bag slots are all occupied, an automatic dialog box opens indicating the you.

4 Send in-game messages

    How can I ignore in game messages from players and how I do it again reversed?

Once obtained, the corresponding player a message, you can further messages "ignore", you will find  the button in your messaging system.
Once your one or "ignored" several players appear in the message system, a third tab, under This is all your ignored players listed there, you can also the whole process undo and readmitted messages from these players.


    How do I send a message to all members in my team at the same time ?

In the team overview you can find a tab "message to the team," including you can then post a message, which get ALL members. Concerns should her that when you reply to a broadcast mail, is your answer to ALL is passed.
, it noted briefly or will you just reply to the sender, then please choose from Him individually and then responds.

5 scoundrel

    What 's the deal with the villain about?

villains are very strong opponents, at any time and in any zone ( each zone has its own villain )
A villain attack usually takes place on all servers at the same place where the life points from server to server are different high! When that is exactly , no one knows .
In such an attack all players can attack the villains within a time limit. An attack lasts depending on mission Booster 3.4 or 5 minutes, and be abbreviated by 2 donuts per attack!
the hit points of the villains also depend on the time of day (at night weaker than during the day , more on weekends than during the week )
If a villain gets repeatedly engages in any case a rare item ! From 10 attacks you have the chance to an epic item !
 When villains battles you have also the chance to get a sidekick for your hero .
 In addition, the player gets the most attacks and the one who scored the winning goal , a special Epic ! And from the 2nd to the 10th place , there is also a special Epic (although somewhat weaker than that for the first place ) This Epics are different from villain to villain and can be collected and combined into one set!
In addition, we obtain , depending on number of attacks and a number of coins and experience !
If the villain can not be defeated within the specified time limit , he flees !
In this case, you only get half the amount of experience and coins that you would get in case of victory and no Item!


    When is a villain ?

villains can appear at any time day or night. Also, they do not stick to weekdays.
There is also no regularity.




hi guys, this is a whole f.a.q about the game many of the general questions are indicated above but some answers could be wrong if u found something wrong please tell it in the reply section and help me make it more better and please please please like!!!!!! thank you for reading. smile.png wink.png tongue.png biggrin.png

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